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Re: [MOL] Will Work For Food....

Pat, though there are indeed some legitimate people out there offering work 
for food; unfortunately it's not the few who are frauds, but the majority.  
Ask anyone who works in a social service agency.  

Near my house there is a man making a career out of exactly this type of 
thing.  He carries a sign (even worse) that says: "Indian will work for 
food."  He is neither an Indian (Native American or Asian Indian) nor is he 
broke.  Each day his girlfriend (dressed to the nines) picks him up at the 
diner in her BMW.  He gives her the cash - at the diner AND in view of anyone 
watching! -for the morning and they have lunch together before he returns to 
the street.

The worst insult, as far as I'm concerned, is when they present themselves as 
veterans!  Though there are indeed many veterans who are homeless and on the 
streets, they *still* have too much pride for such actions.  They generally 
take day work if they can get it, sometimes utilize shelters and soup 
kitchens, and find other ways to survive.  
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