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Re: [MOL] Bronchioloalveolar cell cancer

Dear Carol:  I am so relieved to hear that your cancer is in the early 
stages.  There are so many things we can do now to prolong life and to 
improve its quality.  Many of us online here use alternative methods to build 
our immune systems.  Marty Auslander (who will be back soon, I hope) is an 
expert in this field, I think.  His wife, Barb, has survived for over eight 
years because of Marty's devotion and vast knowledge.  

Glad you're enjoying your computer.  I've been in this forum for nearly two 
years.  It's been wonderful in many ways.  I'm a small cell lung cancer 
survivor -- cancer free for more than two and a half years now.  You've got 
the right attitude, that's for sure.  Every day is a blessing -- isn't that 
right?!!!  You're going to like it here.  Yes, we goof off, but we're also 
serious when it's necessary.  Just wait.  Lillian will find the information 
you're looking for.  Right, Lil?

Love, Kathy in Boise, Idaho
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