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Re: [MOL] Bronchioloalveolar cell cancer

Dear Kathy (Corrigan),

All this e-mail and on-line business is really new to me.  I only just
bought a computer three days ago (quite proud of myself) and spend most
of the time "mousing" around, mostly with my mouth hanging open.  (Hope
you have a sense of humor!)

As for the cancer.  No, can't do much about it.  Seems it's rare and
there's little anyone really knows about it, statistically.  Only that
it's incurable and untreatable.  Oh, they offer chemo and the like, but
are quick (thankfully!) to tell you that what treatments they HAVE done
on this type of cancer hasn't worked.  So, obviously, I opted for no
treatment at all.

HOWEVER, please don't feel sorry for me or any such thing.  Here I am,
plunking away on my computer and having a ball.  Since I'm in so-called
stage one (I went for a physical and lo and behold - cancer!) I have a
long ways to go.  Seems I could live up to 10 years from inception (am
approaching my third year of this stuff).  They did, however, (in order
to figure out what I have) remove most of my right lung.  (I'm still
waiting for it to come back from the repair shop!)  Beats me down,
somewhat, and I get tired and my energy level isn't what it used to be. 
Also have so-called "punk" days, but who doesn't?

You are so kind to respond.  It really feels great to have someone to
chat with.  Do you have cancer?  If so, what kind?

You may reach me direct at

Your friend,
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