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Re: [MOL] PAM!

Hi Lillian:

We live in the British Virgin Islands so we have to go to Puerto Rico
for treatment .

His surgery was done at Clinica Las Americas by 2 John Hopkins trained

Yes they did use screws.....  Heidi who had stereotactic radiation for
cancer tumors the same day as my x husband.   A  16 year cancer survivor

and 7 surgeries to her brain had the screws too.

The treatment was one shot and it took less than 1 hour once he went in
to do the treatment.  We were there all day getting ready.  The facility

is fine.  The doctors are fantastic.  We leave home at 5:30am to go to
Puerto Rico and wait all day to see his Neurosurgeon  ..and he is a
doll.. he spends 30 to 40 minutes with us and answers all our questions
( I am the x wife divorced 16 years and his sister comes too).  We go
once a month.  We are so blessed to have him.  He will be overseeing the

tumor's behavior as the colon surgeon does the removal of almost all of
Ernest's colon due to the cancer they just found.

Puerto Rico is a wonderful place and with 6 or 7 million people they
have great medical facilities.  But most importantly the Puerto Ricans
are simply friendly professional accommodating people.

Love your messages.....just when I get depressed you and your friends
make me smile.  I better get back to work now!!


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