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Re: [MOL] Will Work For Food....

Hi, Pat:  You know what I did once?  This fellow was sitting outside the 
grocery store with this beautiful golden retriever, with a sign that read, 
"Homeless.  Need Food."  Rather than give him money, I went into the store 
and bought some sandwiches from the deli and a big bag of dry dog food and 
carried it out to him in a cart.  It always occurs to me that these guys may 
spend the money on liquor or something.  This guy wouldn't have.  His eyes 
filled with tears and he couldn't even speak.  Just nodded to me.  I felt 
wonderful, and still do, every time I think about it.  This was much better 
than the day I did my grocery shopping with my skirt tucked in the back of my 
pantihose and my fanny out there for all to see.   This went on for about 
thirty minutes before someone told me. That wasn't my favorite day.

Love, kathy
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