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Re: [MOL] Oh my goodness !!

Dear Carol:

I just wrote a note to you here...

My x husband has a meningioma 5 cm right behind his eyes...wrapped
around his optic nerve...If they operate he will never be the same.
They did tell us he could lose his sight  as well as a hundred other
things as a result of the stereotactic radiation but his tumor was just
about too big for the procudure so we prayed and went ahead.. it stead
of waiting for it to grow toooo big.

So one year ago he had stereotactic radiation.. he did not lose his thinned a bit and at the sites and then came right back.    The
headaches ended in Dec he had to start serious steriods..ended up with 4
m 4x per day because the dying veins were giving off large amounts of
edema.  Now we are weaning him off the steriods and we are down to 4 m
per day....  He worked full time until March 15 this he is
relaxing and comes to work with my own business.

Now he was just diagnosed with colon cancer it is suppose to be in the
early stages......

He has had short term memory loss but it is improving... due to seizures
he is not driving.. but his sense of humor is terriffic and his health
in general is great...

The mri's have been showing the tumor dying!!!!!!!

Now to get rid of the Colon cancer..which will be tricky with the
tumor....oh well God is good and I hope this helps you....


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