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[MOL] Jeanne Kissinger

Jeanne -- My oncologist said that because I'd had chemo before, I could
opt for low dose therapy this time.  Unfortunately, I never got around
to asking why.  I hadn't realized it was a new type of treatment.  I
have the same oncologist as before and will be treated at the same
cancer center.

With low dose therapy you get the same amount of drugs over the same
period of time but, instead of three consecutive days of treatment every
fourth week, you have one three-hour treatment every week.  Because it's
just a change in routine, nothing special seems to be required.  There
must be some way for your doctor to get in touch with oncologists who
are using low dose.  Lillian may be able to tell you how to go about it.

I had carboplatin for my first lung cancer and didn't experience any
hearing loss.  In fact, I had no ill effects except extreme tiredness in
mid session.  This time, like you, I will also be getting toxol in
addition to carboplatin so it may be a different experience.  My onc
didn't promise I wouldn't lose my hair in low dose treatment.  He just
said there was a chance I might not.

Jeanne, I can sympathize with your concern about hair loss.  I cried off
and on for days when mine started coming out by the handful.  Couldn't
you get a wig that doesn't cover your ears?  My cancer center has a
collection of wigs to choose from and they're free.  There must be
something like that in Canada for cancer patients.  In any event,
Jeanne, being bald and alive is far better than the alternative.

Please remember you will have the prayers and support of all the MOLers
so you won't be alone.  Whine all you want to.  Everyone of us has been
there, done that.  That's why this is a great group and a wonderful
comfort.  We're always there for you.

Your very good new friend,
Claire Lee

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