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[MOL] -from chris

Just wanted to share something with you.

My family celebrated my father's birthday today (he was 77 on Friday).  
Didn't get him much of a gift (the family got him an a/c for Father's Day & 
B'day last month) because he's hard to buy for.  My stepmother said he needed 
T-shirts so that's what I got him - boring but practical.  I teased him that 
I had placed and cancelled an order for his gift: a red Mercedes with a 30 
yr-old blonde in the driver's seat.  I told him the best they could do was a 
black Mercedes w/ an 80 yr-old redhead.   He laughed - first time in a 
looooooong time and said, "*Next* year!"  Those of you who know me know what 
that answer *meant* to me.     Love to you all, chris
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