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[MOL] Hi, Lillian

Lillian -- A while ago you asked how my lung cancer could be treated if
the docs didn't know what type.  This has been on my mind too and the
answer I get from both my New York lung specialist and my Connecticut
oncologist is that it doesn't matter because the carboplatin and toxol
"cocktail" is effective against both large and small cell cancers.
Surgery is not a consideration.

As I mentioned, the bronchoscopy biopsy picked up only dead tissue but
the doctor could see enough to know that I have cancer.  I thought maybe
an infection had caused the large shadow on the CAT scan of my chest but
I'm assured that any infection virulent enough to do that would make me
very, very sick.  And I feel fine and haven't been sick for years.

There is also the possibility that even a surgical biopsy wouldn't pick
up anything new. An operation would delay the start of chemo for at
least another three weeks and they are extremely reluctant to do a
procedure they feel is unnecessary.  My internist who is my primary care
doctor has become a friend over the course of many years.  He is not a
cancer specialist but he has had several phone conversations with both
doctors and agrees that chemotherapy should be started as soon as
possible.  He is a really caring man and calls me every couple of days
to see how I'm doing.

I'm having more blood work on Monday, a chest CAT on Tuesday and a
meeting with my oncologist Thursday so chemo will be started either this
Friday or early the following week.

Sorry for the long post, Lillian.  But you asked!

Love as always,

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