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Re: [MOL] Financial Strain

Dear Dean:  I love it, too.  I happened upon purely by accident in October of 
1998 -- almost one year from my diagnosis.  I was through with treatment by 
then, but I was still kind of in shock from everything that had happened.  
(Little did I know what was in store!)  LOL  Lillian was my first response, 
and after that I met someone new almost every day.  Nancy Postema was online 
a lot then, too -- and Martha, Carla, Marty, Liz Patterson, PJ, Mam from 
Australia, Marianne Furfaro, our sweet Greg, our funny Les -- the list goes 
on and on.  These people were so supportive while I was going through some 
very difficult times -- I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate them. 
 Nancy sent me a beautiful lamp she made for my birthday.   Then I met our 
dear Chris Rosati from PA.  She and I have become quite close over the years, 
and I've never even heard her voice!  The Internet is so amazing.  It serves 
to remind me every day that no matter how bad things get, I always have 
someone to talk to.  It's wonderful.  I'm so glad you like it here.

Love, Kathy 
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