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Kathie, the type of lung cancer might make a diff in answer to your 
questions; someone here will know the answer to that.  But my father had a 
very large tumor in his left lung, some smaller ones in the right lung, and 
some in between the lungs.  He was diag. Aug 24th 1998, had surgery Sept. 30, 
1998 (he was 75), then chemo (very difficult for him) followed by radiation 
(*much* easier), and now he is on thalidomide, plus whatever else the Dr 
gives him to keep him healthy.  He celebrated his 77th birthday Friday.  So 
you see his surgery was a month later too.  And today he is cancer-free.  He 
IS a fighter Kathie.  I think attitude is the spear that's needed, prayer is 
the shield, and good medical care (his doc's attitude stinks, but she does 
know her medicine) accounts for the success.  -chris
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