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Hey Claire:  I have read this before under an article regarding pending leglislation.  I just don't know how true it is; or perhaps I better put it that it may be true; but the bill would have to be passed.  Senior Citizens have such a strong lobbying group and membership group that I believe they would be hard pressed to pass this bill.  Your friend, lillian

On Saturday, July 29, 2000 at 08:45:52 PM, wrote:

> A letter to patients at the Whittingham Cancer Center in Norwalk
> Hospital in Connecticut where my oncologist is really shook me up.  Have
> any of you heard about this?  Do you think it's true?  Here's the
> letter:
>     We wish to inform you that the Health Care Financing Administration,
> a government agency that administers Medicare, has planned a major
> change in the way they reimburse chemotherapeutic drugs.  As a result of
> this proposal, a physician will actually lose money as reimbursement
> will be below cost.  This change, if implemented this fall, will result
> in it becoming virtually impossible for us to continue administration of
> chemotherapeutic drugs to you in our office.  This will result in either
> your being sent to a large chemotherapy clinic or your being
> hospitalized for chemotherapy.  This will be very detrimental to your
> health as well as to your care.
> Accordingly, we urge you to send letters to your senator and
> representatives and encourage them to block this effort.  At the least,
> you should insist that a study be done regarding the impact ot these
> changes on cancer care before the changes are implemented.
> This idea is so ridiculous that I find it hard to believe.  Have any of
> you heard about such an action?  I'm hoping the Center's administrator
> is an alarmist.  However, on the chance that there is indeed a proposal
> in Congress to this effect, I have done as the letter requested and sent
> a message to my senator and representatives urging them to prevent this
> from happening.
> I can't believe how short sighted such an idea is.  Medicare will still
> have to pay for the drug if it's administered in a hospital PLUS the
> high cost of hospitalization of the patient.  It's a real loser of an
> idea.  Stupid, too!  And I never use the word "stupid" lightly.
> But, to be on the safe side, please please write to your legislators.
> Claire

Lillian M. Jennings,,,

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