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[MOL] Rohit

Hi Rohit,

  I am sitting here just amazed by your last post. What you have been
doing-- looking at the big picture and seeing what you and your son can
learn from this experience and loss--is unbelievable.  I find you to be
a wise and courageous man. I will be sad to see you go, but I
understand. You need your time to get settled. I am sure that you still
feel a bit of shock in losing her so quickly. Sometimes it takes time to
sink in. I wonder sometimes if I have fully realized that my mom has
cancer. I especially feel for you living in the house and looking at all
those things that you so eloquently called the artifacts of your day to
day living with Patty. I hope you keep these treasures for the future. I
have grown very fond of you in our conversations, and yes, I would be
honored to keep contact with you. I have put your email address in my
address book, and I will keep you posted on my sweet mother. Also, I am
sure you know that I am continuing school after I finish my RN to study
molecular biology, and ultimately work in biotechnology. I am now most
interested in studying the genomics and gene therapy, and of course
immunology, and finding THE way to cure all cancer. I will most
definitely keep you updated on that. You are someone very special,
Rohit, and I am glad to have met you and your family. Patty is not just
a story to me, she is a real person that you have introduced me to. Your
writings of her were descriptive and intimate.  And even though I never
met her, I felt as though I knew who she was, prayed for her, and
mourned her loss as well. As my mom and I travel this windy bumpy road
together, I hope for the best and pray for a miracle. But if I lose her,
I will try to see the perspective that you shared with us. I only hope I
can be that brave. You will be hearing from me, but please tell me if
you just can't deal with hearing any more. You can tell me the truth.
Take care of you and Varun, and have a nice trip.   Love, Lisa

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