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Hi Lil and All,
So sorry it has been so long.  I have been trying to work all the hours I
could, because Aug. will be a slow month.  I have been so busy in between
runs, cleaning carpets, my ole buddy gave out on me, guess he didn't like
his crappy job.  LOL
The new one is getting a real work out too.
Don went by ambulance last Friday night, his sugar was 880, he has never
been a diabetic, he is now and on insulin.
Doesn't look to good for him for sure now.
He has bacteria in his bowels, there is nothing they can do for that, so if
that gets into his blood stream it would just be a matter of time.  No
tumors on his brain but changes on both sides of the brain that would
explain for his memory loss.
He is just suffering, doesn't eat much, in bed most of the time.
He is falling a lot now.  I will tell you some funny stories about that
later.  I have to get to bed.  I am fighting off pneumonia again.  Mother
seems to be at a plateau again.
Good night and God Bless you all, my prayers are with you all.
Love you,
Nanc ():-)
My daughter comes over twice a day to give Don his shots, also leaves her 14
year old here over night to help when any of us need it.  She even cooks.
Thank God for the both of them.  We will be getting in someone every day
now, for Don and me.

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We are all very concerned about you and your Don and Mother.  Can you find a
moment to give us an update on things.  We miss you, love, lillian

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