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Re: [MOL] Patty

I just joined this list and I was wondering if I could ask how old Patty was 
and what her condition was when she was first diagnosed. My sister (48) has 
just been diagnosed with lung cancer but we don't know which kind yet. We do 
know that there is some lymph node involvement though. When I read about 
Patty it really scared me as it seemed that it went so fast. I am on chemo 
myself as I have Castlemans disease and Systemic Mastocytosis (never mind, 
they are both really rare) but they say they are sure that it is lung cancer 
in my sisters case. I am taking her to a pulmonary doctor Monday morning at 
Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. Is there anyplace in the country 
that is really advanced in lung cancer. thanks for any info. Kathie M
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