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[MOL] Thanks and goodbye

Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for your messages of sympathy and support. After two hectic
weeks, today is the first quiet day - everyone has left and I am sorting out the
events of the past 3 months. We had a vacation planned with Patty;s family in
South Carolina that she was very much looking forward to - Varun and i decided
that it was still important for us to go on vacation, and represent ouselves and
Patty. Varun has already left - his aunt from Minnesota picked him up yesterday
and is driving down with him - I will fly tomorrow using the tickets we
originally purchased for all of us.

We are also planning a memorial service for Patty on August 27th to celebrate
her life - we will have a lot of the music that she loved to play and a
gathering of friends from all over the world. In passing on, Patty gave to all
of us a gift that is more precious than we can imagine. In the last days of her
life, I used the funds we had put aside to fly in all her friends and mine -
those we had known individually and together, and during the vigils at the
hospital and home, new connections were made, people who had never met each
other before grew to know each other, to laugh and cry together, and to become
friends. And so, through her passing, Patty helped to establish new connections
and friendships, and this is her legacy that will thrive and grow in the years
to come.

We had a wonderful time in the 16 years we knew each other, and  I will miss her
terribly - I still look around this quiet house in disbelief with all the day to
day artifacts of our life still in place. But our greatest source of connection
together is Varun, and Patty is present in every moment of  my love for him, and
in every hug and kiss and laughter that we share. Varun said the other day that
though he was very sad, he was also glad that he didn;t have to worry about
Mom's illness any more, and that he could feel her love for him in his heart - i
guess I feel the same way.

And so we are ready to move on - with sadness and shock, but still with a
conviction that we hold in our hearts the tools to survive and prosper, and with
the knowledge that this short journey has left us more open than before to
experience, understand the fundamental connectedness we all have as human
beings, and in the grander scheme of things, this realization is grace bestowed
upon us.

And with that understanding, I am ready to take leave of this wonderful group -
all of you are good, supportive, loving and courageous folks, and I wish you the
very best in your journeys. I will remain on the list for a couple of days, and
will unsubscribe before I leave for South Carolina. I would love to share news
about the memorial service with you at the end of August. If its OK, I will send
Lillian a direct message that she can then forward to the list.

Love to all,


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