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[MOL] thrombocytosis

I have just had thrombocytosis reoccur after quite a few years of ?? being
in remission?? from it.
I noticed this time that ' it appeared with a vengeance' instead of 'just
creeping up on me' as it did last time - or perhaps I just know what to
watch for.
Last time I was treated with Hydrea and after quite a long period of time,
when that did not seem to be effective, was treated with Myleran. 
I am very interested in obtaining more reading material on this disease,
treatments, etc.  If you do have such information available, or can point me
in the right direction for it, I would greatly appreciate it.  The last time
I had thrombocytosis, I thought I was living a nightmare, and I am not
looking forward to another nightmare.
Appreciate your help with this.
Carol Sereda

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