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[MOL] Beav -- A question...

Beav -- You say your mom saved her hair by using ice on her head.  When
and how?  The "how" would probably be an ice bag.  It's certainly the
most convenient way.

When is the question...  I'll be having a low-dose, 3-hour chemo
treatment once a week for at least 18 weeks.  Should the ice be used
during the treatment or at home afterward?  If at home, should it be
applied once a day every day or just the day of the treatment?

I hope it works for me but in case it doesn't, I have a nice wig.   I
bought it first time I had chemo and it was paid for by Medicare on the
basis of my doctor's prescription.  It's one of the benefits of being
over 65.  Being alive is a nice benefit, too!

Thanks so much for your help.


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