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Re: [MOL] Dave B. did you find your shirt!

Golly, that had to have been scary friend.
As I
> think about it now,
> I am not sure where that thought, or the strength came from..but I like it!  Three guesses and the first three don't count pal!

Today, you became a man!  I am so happy to share in this joy with you.  You are getting the big picture of what life is all about.  It is not about us, the me's, the I's.  It is about the "OTHERS".  When you are through with your therapy, I will be waiting to hear how you are going to pay back for what was given to you "LIFE"!  In who's hand will you take to help, in what mean's will you do this and all the heavy stuff Dave.  We pay a price for being a survivor friend; but oh it is in gold....luv u, lillian