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Re: [MOL] Dave B.


I will be sending you an appropriate picture.

I had my second chemo cocktail today with some interesting incidents that I 
think you will appreciate...........along with me sharing my "stuff" with the 
rest of the gang.

I prepared for my second session exactly the way I did for the first. same 
same anti-nausea medications-same anti-allergic reaction medication. The only 
I didn't do was wear the same shirt I wore the first time (used same 
socks,sneakers and shorts) couldn't find the shirt.

Anyway...............I take 916mg of Taxol and 460something of carboplatin. 5 
into Taxol, at 315mg per hour, I had an allergic reaction to it. Evidently it 
is the standard reaction.............pain in base of neck, spine, left 
shoulder. left arm and
the feeling that you're on get extremely red too. Three 
nurses and my
Oncologist jumped all over explain what was taking place and 
what they were doing to relieve the symptoms. I was not in the middle of a 
good time!!!

To say I was terrified is an understatement, but I did something that tells 
me I am really at a point in my life where i understand that I am a better 
person! I asked one
nurse to close the curtains surrounding my chair, I explained that I did not 
want the other chemo patients in the room (six of them) to be scared. As I 
think about it now,
I am not sure where that thought, or the strength came from..but I like it!

I'm going on too long...........but...........The reaction lasted less than 
10 minutes and 
was gone. My Oncologist dropped the flow rate  and all was ok for the rest of 
my session, I had a small reaction after the first, but since I understood 
what was going on, I just let it pass. I will take my third cocktail in 3 
weeks and I will find the damn shirt!!!!!!!!

Luv Ya

Dave B
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