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RE: Re: [MOL] Anyone seen the Pity Pot?

Bridget, I find that relentless pain can definitely wear you down, 
and can overwhelm at times the best of intentions. The medical field 
has not been too helpful in this area, but it is gaining much needed 
attention. Perhaps you so the article I sent on this last night. I 
hope you will hound your Dr. about this, and not try to be stoic!

As for that pity pot, you are not the type to keep it long, I know! 
But you are right; all of us need to give ourselves permission "to 
wallow" once in awhile. Seems like if we do it and get it overwith, 
it frees us to move on past it more quickly. (and your buddies here 
aren't going to let you sit on it too long, anyhow, LOL!)

Know that we care very much and here for you! Love and prayers, joicy

>Thanks, Joicy. I'm disgusted with myself for needing the pity pot as my lot 
>is so much better than that of so many others. I've allowed myself to be 
>overcome by things that (overall) are of little importance, but the 
>combination of these things all happening at the same time and this ongoing 
>and endless pain have come together to emerge me in self-pity. But I've 
>learned that I must pay attention to my needs and if I need a little time to 
>feel sorry for myself, then I must take it. In this way, I can purge all 
>this negativity and come back to the group with something positive and 
>worthwhile to contribute.
>Thank you for your understanding and your shoulder. The first thing I shall 
>focus on is how lucky I am to have found such a group of people as those who 
>make up this forum. My heart overflows with love for all of you who, 
>although faced with daunting challenges of your own, nonetheless make time 
>to offer comfort and support to others. On many occasions, this forum has 
>brought light where there was only darkness, joy where there was only grief 
>and hope where there was none. My spirit has grown because of all of you and 
>I thank you from the depths of my soul for such a gift.
>I promise to keep the pity pot only a short while...
>Your friend,
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