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Re: [MOL] Recent Diagnosis

I don't know your name, but I am so sorry to hear about your dad.  I also 
have been looking for answers to your questions, my family member was 
diagnosed with adenocarcinoma non-cell stage4, she was given 9 months and 18 
with chemo but with deminished life style, she also is choosing no treatment. 
 I ran across an article in yesterday's Los Angeles Times that had an article 
on Proton beam radiotherapy that is being done at the Loma Linda Hospital in 
San Bernardino, CA  I could fax you a copy of this article if you like, I'm 
still not sure if your dad's or my family member's cancer fits this, but it 
sure sounds like it would.  Something to look into though.  With the speed in 
which things are being developed, I think I would choose any medicine that 
would prolong my life, ever for a month, you never know what drug comes to 
light at any given moment.  If you would like this article, please send me 
your fax number.  Wishing all the best, Donna
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