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Re: [MOL] Dave B.

Dear Dave, as a former "baldy" myself, who went from very long thick hair to
a cue ball in just a couple of weeks, I have to say that the worst for me
was just the initial shock of it -- especially since the world still is not
used to bald women!! It helped to take the bull by the horns and just go in
to the hairdresser and shave it off --it put me in control. I even had my
husband videotape it. I hated wigs, so the one I bought ended up a source of
amusement, tried on by male friends come to visit. And my teen son even won
a bet with it by wearing it to school one day!

Mostly I wore a range of hats, including a rainbow colored baseball hat with
a propeller -my personal favorite! And lots of very wild earrings. But
often, I wore just my bald head. As timing would have it, a lot of my ID
photos were taken then or soon after (drivers license, passport, etc.!). I
have hair now, but haven't worried about replacing them... the one great
idea someone mentioned that I wished I had thought of was using some of
those cool little "temporary" tattoos that the kids play with! How fun is

As I think someone said earlier, it's all "attitude" -- and I found the
baldness an opportunity to get folks to talk about their concerns about
cancer, and even to educate them a little. for example, it helped me to
convince a number of folks to mammograms.

And would you believe, a part of me actually misses it -- just shower, and
squeegee off the head and you're good to go! And what an eye-opener, too, as
I realized what a huge industry hair products are! Wow!

Anyhow, collect those kisses, and wear that bald head with pride my friend!

Love, Joicy

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> Pat K
> You are so right about Lillian.....................If she wasn't so young,
> I'd try to steal her away from her hubby and keep her all to
> myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> When my head gets totally bald, I'll put up a picture, but no laughing
> allowed!!!!!!!!!
> My chemo cocktail in the A.M. should speed it up.
> Fondly
> Dave B

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