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[MOL] Goodbye.

Dear Lillian, Kathy, Nancy, Bridget, Lisa, Charlotte, David, Dave, and all my 
dear MOLer friends,
    It is with a heavy heart that I need to say goodbye.  I've tried and 
tried to figure out a way, but I'm just not able to keep up with the posts 
    I've loved being a part of this family for the last 9 months.  You have 
all been inspiration, joy, laughter, heartbreak, support and most of all 
family.  I will never forget any of you.  I will check in from time to time 
and see how all are doing.  You can always find me at larrymarlene@cs.com.  
Would love to hear from any and all of you, but I just can't keep up with the 
forum right now.
    Lillian, I'll send you a private note about the wedding and our trip if 
you don't mind me using your personal address.  Feel free to share it, but 
when I get to writting sometimes it gets to be almost a book.  LOL.  You're 
the best.  God has given you a gift and you discovered it and use it well.  
Never change.
I love you all so much.  Must go before I cry.  Take care and always remember 
that no matter what the circumstances, no matter what we see with our eyes, 
God is in control and with Him all things are possible.  God Bless you all.
Luv ya much,
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