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[MOL] back from hospital

Hi Everyone,

 I realized I have been gone from the conversations here for awhile, and
it is time to let you all know where things are at.  Mom was put in the
hospital, last I wrote, for low sodium and some meds she was put on that
should never be taken together. We got it all cleared up , I think. She
was in the hospital for quite awhile, about 1 1/2 weeks. Her body just
would not hold sodium. An hour after it was in, she would be empty
again. It took 5 days of constant sodium infusion till her body decided
to keep some sodium.  It is still a mystery to us all how and why this
happened, we are just happy it is over. Mom was put on another chemo and
sent home. At the time of discharge, She was walking short distances
okay and willingly using the wheelchair when she started the fatigue,
and talking perfectly. SHe said to me in one conversation, "I am not
going to be taking the carboplatin, because it will interfere with the
study, but the doctor knows of some chemo that will not interfere, so I
will be taking that.".   WOW! That is complicated. Just 2 weeks ago she
could not communicate to us that she wanted coffee instead of water to
drink. She was in a  really great mood, and ready to handle anything.
Then today she took a turn for the worse. she was disoriented and weepy.
She was nauseated and having mood swings, and worst of all refused to
use her walker or let me help her, but instead she would take off
quickly and stumble from wall to wall practically losing her balance all
the time and grasping at whatever she could-sturdy things or not.  I was
scared because she  would snap at me and wave her arms at me when I
tried to help her, and that is just not like her. She is so gentle and
sweet usually. Not to mention that I am 5'2" and just over 100 lbs. I am
not big enough to handle her in this situation. I had no one to call,
her husband was golfing far away and both my aunts took their kids to
Universal Studios. It was freaky. It was a real wake-up call for me,
because I have been petitioning the whole family to let me keep her over
at my house permanently. Now I realize that I may need help keeping her
safe. Not to mention that I have 3 small kids that would be freaked out
by this (only my 2-year-old witnessed it today and she was pretty upset
by it). Still I believe that I am the only one in the family emotionally
equipped to care for her, but I am not sure what to do about this. When
I tried to sit down and talk to her about using her equipment so she can
be safe, she didn't remember the incident. She could not carry on a
conversation, so I gave up for the day. I just tried to forget too, but
I am left wondering what made this happen so fast. She was fine
yesterday. I called her doctor and ordered some labs to be taken, but of
course it wont be till morning. She is not on any pain meds or anything
that would cause sedation or delirium. I don't understand. Well, on with
the roller coaster. Things just don't stay good for long. If only I
could find the right formula to keep her in good health for longer than
a day or two. Only when she is in the hospital is she okay. I wonder
about her new "chemo". It is accutane, which is used for so many other
purposes than just cancer that it is not forbidden during her clinical
trial (the immunotherapy trial she is to be starting soon). It is the
only other treatment that is okay to do right now. It is that or
nothing. But it seems to me that it should not be causing this to
happen. What is going on? Help, I am confused. WEll that is where we are
right now. Wish me some luck.   Lisa

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