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[MOL] Side effects of Tomoxifen

I have been taking Tomoxifen since Sept.97 with few side effects.  This past month I have had a very sore throat then lost my voice for 3 days.  I was put on Augmentin for 10 days and finally felt my throat and ear infections were better then my sore throat was burning again so I saw my regular Dr. and he put me on Veetids for 10 days.  I immediately lost my voice again for 4 days and have had a sore throat.  My voice is back now but it is very hoarse.  I got sick immediately after taking the Veetids today so called the Dr. and he gave me another prescription for Keflex and told me to stop the Veetids.  What are the side effects of Tomoxifen and could this be my problem.  The tests they ran were all negative but I have been sick and the culture was negative too.  Should I contact my oncologist about this?  Please respond ASAP.Thank you.