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[MOL] Patty

Hi everyone,

I am very sorry to report that after a very quick change in condition,
Patty died yesterday afternoon. Her condition worsened regularl over the
last 10 days with loss of muscular and neurological functions. When we
took her to the hsopital on Friday, she could no longer walk or speak.

The oncologist said that she had system failure resulting from very
advanced lung cancer. Fortunately, she had very little pain, and died
very peacefully.

It has been less than 3 months from diagnosis to death and I am still
trying to come to terms with the facts. Varun is doing the best he can,
thanks to a very strong support community. I feel sad that despite our
best efforts to plan for and to fight this disease with dignity and
grace, we were not able to find any time to implement our plans, and
Patty died levaing a lot of her projects unfinished.

I am not sure I have the strength to be part of this group for a while.
I wish to thank all of you for the support and advice I received from
you during my brief presence on this list - you have a very strong and
loving on-line community, and I am very heppy that i had the opportunity
to interact with you during our journey with cancer. I will unsubscribe
in the next few days, but wish you all the best in your journeys.



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