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[MOL] Article: Do dogs/cats love us?

 <A HREF="http://www.lfmn.com/Pet/072100/do_dogs_love_us.html">Do Dogs Love 
Us?</A> http://www.lfmn.com/Pet/072100/do_dogs_love_us.html
Do Cats Love Us?  

Unlike some other household pets, cats are discriminating with their 
emotions. No sloppy kisses or tail-wagging here. With cats, co-existence is 

“I don’t know if it’s love,” says Chicagoan Kate Wadington of the 
relationship she has with her huge marmalade cat, Sam. “If it is, I think he 
loved me a lot more before the baby came, when he got all the attention.”

 Where much of a dog’s love is expressed through obedience and 
submissiveness, cats mete out their affection to show their pleasure with us, 
rather than the more dog-like efforts to get us to show pleasure with them.

 Veterinarian Michele Gaspar, who works solely with cats at The Cat Clinic, 
in Flossmoor, Ill., describes the difference as pointed out in the greeting 

 “[Cats] dispense with the jumping, howling, whining and. . .slobbering that 
accompanies many a canine greeting. Cats are more pragmatic: ‘Let’s both 
have a nice dinner and then we’ll chat about your day, dear.’”

 It could be said that cats are just more grown-up about relationships. While 
humans delight in the simplicity of dogs’ emotions, cats are more complex.  

“When I come back after being away,” says college student Jess Rude, 
“She’ll avoid me; it’s like she’s punishing me, and then I’m grateful when 
she forgives me.”  

Gaspar says that the in-your-face love of dogs is one thing, the affections 
of a cat are entirely different. “If you can’t appreciate their subtleness, 
you’re missing out.”

 “Cats don’t suffer fools gladly,” Gaspar says. “So when a cat loves you, 
it’s a big deal.”

Send an email to pet@lifeminders.com and tell us your story. What does your 
cat do that lets you know he or she loves you?

    --Kristin Bagnato, special to LifeMinders 
July 25, 2000. LifeMinders, Inc.
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