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[MOL] Kathy!

We are smack in the middle of contingency mal-practice suite and have not
had to pay one cent.  We were also told we would not be paying anything
until the suite is won and if it is not won we  will not pay anything.  It
is a most provable liability medical mal-practice suite.  I agree lawyers
stick right with the doctors.  This atty. is only taking the Government
portion of the suite (since it was on their emergency room, operating room
and they contracted the doctors. we had to get a out of town atty. for the
local doctor and a out of state atty for the out of state doctor.  We are
operating under the same conditions, no win, no pay, win and pay you well.

Is this just my Irish luck showing, or are not all atty's alike in their
fee's, or is it because the case is so darn good?  Our grand daughter has a
pernment disfigurement to the left knee, she was 11 when the accident
happened.  Now ask me what the accident was?  She was crawling on the floor
playing with her little brother when a tooth pick jamed her knee.  They
removed only part of the tooth pick, infection came, hospitalized her two
time's , the second time she got staff infection, they operated again, staff
infection again, and fourth operation was done.  Now she has no knee cap, a
scar you would not believe...... Oh well!  I truly believe if you know how
to negotiate you can get what you want from anyone even lawyers.
Have a great day Kathy, hang tough....how's the expansion going?  Your
friend, lillian

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