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Dear Lillian:  I'm sorry to disagree with you, my friend, but a contingency 
case does NOT mean the plaintiff doesn't have to pay anything.  It means they 
don't have to pay ATTORNEY fees; they're still held responsible court fees, 
etc.  And attorneys are reluctant to take medical malpractice cases, unless 
they're extremely provable.  This is difficult, especially in the case of a 
protocol.  You pretty much agree to be a guinea pig.  I did.  I'm not sorry, 
either -- but I am sorry that Cheryl's husband's didn't prove successful.  
Sometimes they don't, and sometimes, as we all know, doctors' predictions 
aren't correct.  We can't sue them for being wrong about the time a person 
has left, but we can sue them for doing something to physically  harm us out 
of negligence.  Although Cheryl's husband didn't receive the best care, 
obviously, it would be very difficult to prove the doctors negligent.  I've 
worked several medical malpractice cases.  They're a real challenge for the 
plaintiffs, because doctors, like lawyers, stick together.  

Love, Kathy
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