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Welcome home good buddy.  Would be much nicer were we to meet under a
different set of circumstances, say over dinner?  A tour of Europe?
Anything but here, huh?  That is probably why I don't leave the forum, this
way I don't have to worry about coming back!  You will meet some new
friends, old buddies and miss some old buddies.  No they didn't all die off
on us.  Infact many are doing very well and have moved on in life.  In
reality more have lived than died; so that should console you some, I hope.
Carla, just went through anouther bout; but is doing fine.  Cori is in
treatment; but really hanging on well for the type cancer.  Marty and Barb
are into much test taking, then therapy, then a vacation.  Nancy is having
it rough with taking care of her Don and mother.  Joan Z. lost her husband,
had a bout of cancer herself; but appear's to be doing okay.  John is doing
well and not on the forum much.  Kathy, well just call her SUPERWOMAN!
Vicci's son had a relapse. Joicy is fine, trying to get me in trouble!
Anyone else you want to know about? Hang tough friend, love u, lillian

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