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[MOL] Chris! Here it is.....

>             By Norman Straker, M.D.
>             You have prayed for the moment when your doctor would say to
>you, "Your tests show that the cancer is gone. I don't have to see you
>again for four months." And now he has.
>             Ironically, the flood of excitement and relief you feel may be
>followed by periods of uneasiness, anxiety or depression. The realization
>that you have had cancer may only start to sink in after the treatments
>have finished and you have time to think. Up to that point, you have been
>so caught up in doing everything you needed to do to get to this moment
>that you are almost shocked: "I had cancer and it's over. I hope it never
>comes back."
>             Initially it might be quite frightening to lose the close
>attention and support of doctors and nurses you had during your treatment.
>Their constant presence has helped you to feel safe. Now, you may feel
>unprotected and vulnerable without weekly chemotherapy and doctors'
>             Confidence will be gained gradually. Time will be your ally in
>your return to feeling less vulnerable. It is not uncommon to have a crisis
>following a cancer diagnosis (see a related story). You may decide to live
>your life differently after experiencing this brush with mortality. I
>believe this is a good thing. I have seen many people seek psychotherapy to
>help them discover what can be learned from their experience and to help
>find ways to live their lives more effectively. Many have chosen to become
>more involved in the lives of the people they care about or to become more
>charitable and spiritual. They have felt that they would never again "sweat
>the small stuff." Some people have even changed their occupation.

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