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Re: [MOL]Pat-Kans.

Pat:  Thank you for your kind thoughts.  How is your Dad doing?  It is
really nice to have you on board, keep chatting, love ya, lillian

> Lillian is right--she has a way of cutting right to the important
> of you on here are HEROES...I guess I never thought of Daddy as my
> was "Daddy" Now I can't think of a braver person--for the way he took care
> of Mom thro her cancer and now as he quietly and bravely battles  one more
> enemy(he is a WWII Submarine Vet). Hooray for all of you  and know  God
> all of us are with you in the heat of the battle.    Also----Dave, I have
> this picture of you walking around with MANY lip prints on your head.How
> great!!!! Have your wife send us a pic!!!!!    Lillian, how right and
> special  that you find all these different aspects of cancer/treatment and
> make it OK. You are a very special "medicine" for the MOLERS.......  Pat
> Kimmi--Kansas

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