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Re: [MOL] Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 16:42:36 +0100

Hi, David:  I would love to be in the UK right now.  Maybe someday.  My 
sister loves it there -- she visits England at least twice a year, and always 
brings me something back from Harrad's.  I can't even imagine how wonderful 
that must be!!  She's going to take me with her someday.  Right now, it's 
very quiet in Boise, Idaho.  You probably can't imagine what Boise is like, 
can you?  It's high desert, but lovely, for the most part.  A small city of 
about 250,000 people.  Many trees and surrounded by foothills to the huge 
Sawtooth Mountain range.  It's dry and hot right now, but the autumns and 
springs are lovely. Winter is ghastly, but it comes every year.  Argh.  

Love, Kathy
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