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Re: [MOL] Dean

Dear Dean:  Anger is a phase that cancer patients go through.  Has your
husbands taking his anger out on you just started this week, since you have
been on vacation?  Or when he first learned of his cancer, or perhaps some
time ago?

The thing is you will have to take control , by simply not permitting it to
be directed to you.  This is harder to do than to say.

Doing some of the things he shouldn't be doing  means he is trying to regain
control of his life, his body.  This is like when a baby takes it's first
steps and falls and then laughs because it is so proud of that first step.
He has to push himself to make further advances Dean.

I believe you should tell him about your Chrons acting up and if you are on
medication for this, perhaps you may need it increased since you are under
so much stress.  I have to adjust my meds. for special situations.  First
speak with your doctor.

Good luck, and we love you, lillian

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