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Re: [MOL] Fatigue/Reply to Lillian

Dear Laurie:  Excuse me for butting in, but I think your instincts are 
entirely correct -- that if your mother would eat more, her energy levels 
would be higher, and I do think her blood should be checked regularly.  Mine 
is, and I've been cancer free for over two years.  Also, I got so sick of 
Ensure when I was on chemo, that I reached the point where I couldn't look at 
it.  Still can't.  It isn't the complete answer, and neither is a banana.  
She must regain her appetite to regain her strength.  It took me awhile, but 
I finally got it back.  If your mother is experiencing what I did, it's going 
to take some time for food to taste normal again.  Any additional ideas, 
Lillian?  Anyone?

Love, Kathy in Boise
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