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Re: [MOL] ANGER - response

Dean, I can't speak for other families here, but my father went through 
RAGES, not just angry words, but FURIOUS, CRUEL ones during his chemo 
treatments, not during radiation, thank God!  He was positively viscious to 
his family, mostly toward his wife, but it even extended to his siblings, and 
of course, us, his children.  It was the hardest time yet!  And his wife (my 
stepmother) was very ill too during that time with serious heart problems and 
had to undergo surgery.  I do believe that his illness and rages contributed 
to that problem.  After the chemo (and steroids) were finished, he gradually 
returned to his mellow mood (maybe due to thalidomide) but now the extreme is 
true; he barely speaks to anyone, not even greeting me when I come to visit 
him.  During all those rages we were so frightened because we suspected 
cancer spread to the brain; farthest thing from the truth.  He was always 
pleasant and considerate to all medical staff so we knew he was *capable* of 
behaving.  If only the doctor would have explained this to us, it would have 
spared us much heartbreak and outright emotional agony.

Looking back, I honestly believe it was a steroid reaction - particularly 
since other members of my family and myself have also experienced anxiety and 
anger when having to take them (may be genetic).  I had steroids from an 
asthma attack (much less dosage than my poor father) and felt the horror of 
that reaction!  My aunt thought she was losing her mind.  My sister too.  
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