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Hi all, this is Dean, remember me, I haven't posted in some time.  I would
like to know if it is just me or other spouses of cancer victims that their
husband/wife turn their anger on? I have Crohns, an with all this it has
stayed in check until yesterday, when for the 3 or 4 day in a row, my
husband has been no only mean to himself but also to me. Is the normal,
sence he hasn't talked to anyone else really about his cancer, I just accept
it as normal, oh an I don't have a reason to think he will talk to any one
else about it, he is so private. He is also doing things the Dr's. have ask
him not to do, as in work out side of our home with chemicals that he
souldn't be breathing!!!! as well as he shouldn't even be outside in the
heat, he is just beginning to show some signs of responding to the radiation
treatments.    xo   Dean     tkx as always for any responce, please know
that wheather I post or not I still pray for all of us every day, an I also
read all the e-mails sent to me from the side that is sent  Need so answers
before I come completely out of remission, (maybe I already have). I haven't
told him what an effect this is having on me as I don't think he needs any
more to deal with at this time, he isn't dealing with what is happening to
him much less anything more.... tkx again all xoxox   Dean.

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