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Re: [MOL] David and Dave - Kathy! & Chris

In a message dated 07/24/2000 11:48:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

>  I think we'd be shocked who we picked after they got right side out 
>  again.  I'm quite attracted by the good lookers too, but find they aren't 
>  half as nice as the "average Joe" most of the time.  
TRUE, Marlene.  And the really good-looking people of either sex often 
haven't developed the character that the "Avis" people have (try harder).  
Not that they never do, but usually takes longer.  Similarly rich people and 
poor ones.  The rich guys usually take longer too to develop character; need 
to experience more of the downside of life first to appreciate the good 
things.  -chris
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