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[MOL] Re: Bug Juice !!

Well, I had a really shitty night & this morning was awful.  But snapped out 
of it this afternoon ... much better tonight.  Can hardly wait for tonight's 
meds to kick in .. should be any time !  LOL     

You are all so funny ... I love you !  All the requests for the bug juice 
information !  LOL    When I wrote about it, I thought maybe I could help 
just one person feel a little better ... obviously there are a lot of us out 
there !  LOL  I will be a photocopy fool in the morning at the office !  I 
will be mass mailing out the information from one side of the US to the other 
!  Watch those mail boxes kids !  

For all of the wonderful information and support you have offered me .... 
thank you.

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