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Hi pat hall, I had breast cancer in 1989.  I did the mastectomy, chemo
thing and was good until1999.  Then i showed met. to the lungs.
I started on Eissac and IP6 about a month before my ocologist started me
on arimidex, so I will never know for sure which one worked, or if they
worked together.
The oncologist says that some time we will probably have to do chemo
Who knows what twist in the road is ahead.
I just know I am going to keep doing what I am doing and I'm not going
to turn any corners until I get to them.
     By the way I was one of those people who took tomoxifin for 5 years
after surgery.
   Isn't it amazing how the price fuchuates from one place to another?
   Take good care of you.  Loves Charlotte

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