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Dear Charlotte,

I called Dr. Shamsuddin and told him my dx.  He told me to take 12 caps twice 
a day (24 in all).  He said more than that could be toxic.  His research does 
show that if you quit taking it the tumors come back.  I couldn't stand 
taking that many caps.  They came out with the powder a few months ago.  i 
get it from Seacoast, it is much cheaper.  The 120 caps would cost you $19.95 
there. I think 240 caps would cost you around $34.  I found it on the net.  
The powder lasts me 20 days (if you take what the book recommends, it would 
last 30 days).  I get it from Seacoast for $59.95, the health food stores 
sell it for 100 dollars.  I know I have no business telling this, if I refuse 
testing.  My gyn is trying to get me to take a ct scan and CEA, so far, I 
haven't.  He felt all over me, and felt no sign of tumors, which I know is 
certainly not a test.  For nothing more than research, I should do it, maybe 
I will get up the nerve later.  I went for 8 months hearing how the tumors 
had grown and the CEA count had gone up.  My CEA came down for the first time 
with this.  My onc didn't believe it so he had the CEA checked again.  It was 
down the second test (within a week).  I know that CEA is not that accurate.  
I guess I'm looking for someone who has taken it and their tumors did 
decrease.  Did your friends uncle have proof that his tumor went away?  My 
onc was really mad because I refused CPT-11.

Maybe we will hear from someone taking this, that don't keep their head in 
the sand.  Where is your cancer?

Pat Hall
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