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Re: [MOL] cancer therapy/Reply to Carol

Carol, was sorry to hear  about the polyp turning into cancer.  I have been
reading quite a bit on this happening in the med. articles.  I am including
some excelent sites for you to help your husband.
Welcome to our wonderful forum.  We want you to know that we are here for
you and will help in any way we can.  We will provide you with daily medical
articles, latest treatment therapies and giving you links to information
that will help you to better understand cancer. Knowledge gives you the
power to make the very best decisions for yourself.

Please know that we are not in the medical profession and all information is
not intended to replace your physicians directions.   We do have combined
year's of expierence with  cancer and opinions.  We are not endorsing any
perticular product, treatment, medications, centers or doctors.

We have our own web site  and album. Here the resources are numerous.  From
how to talk to your doctor, questions to ask about your treatment.
Resources in cancer centers,  work related issues, benefits, financial and
more.  Photo's and testimonials of survivors and photo's of those that have
left a legacy to our forum.

Some of the best support on line is provided through our many wonderful
forum members.  Friendships are made, tips on their treatments are given.
We cry together and yes, even laugh together.  It is the spirit of the
members of this forum that makes this the best "Home away from Home".  Here
you can vent and be understood; as all on the forum are on the cancer
journey.  Whether it be active, remission, survival, loved one's or
caregivers.  Each plays an intricate roll in helping you.  To sign onto our
forum please go to:

Included are URL'S to help you gain the knowledge and give you the power.
When you are at the NCI site  check into trials. Explore the URL's of
alternative sites.

If we may be of further help please just ask and won't you join us in chat?
Warmly, your friend, lillian


National Cancer Institute

Univ of Penn

Cancer Notes on the Net

Medicine On Line

MD Anderson

Mem. Sloan-Kettering

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