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It saddens me to pass this message on; as Francisco fought so hard in his researching for his friend Yolanda's mother Maria Angeles  It has been a long battle for them. Respectfully, as we bow our heads in thanksgiving for the legacy she has shared,  for  Maria's  indomitable spirit and great courage in fighting the war.  Warmly, your friend, lillian
Dear Lillian please, could you pass this message to the MOL list?

Thank you and farewell.

Hi all,

 Although I always thought that when this moment arrives I will no post any
message, I need to do it.

Just received a call from my friend Yolanda that her mother is lossing her
battle...  with luck, hours, maybe she's already passed away.

   Maybe many of you don't know who I am but please keep un second this
night in your thoughts or prayers, whatever was your believes, for Maria
Angeles, the mother of my friend Yolanda, for Yolanda and her family.

Please let me wish you my very best wishes and keep on fighting. Thank you
for be there and for be so kind and wonderfull.

Love you all,

kind regards
Francisco   F.Millan@motorola.com

( For Maria Angeles, mother of Yolanda)