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Hi Pat Hall.
When I told my oncologist I was taking them he said it probably would
not help.  He did not get angry.  I get mine from a Chiropractor .  They
cost $35.00 for 120 capsules.  I take 6 - 9 a day.  Is the powder
cheaper?  I didn't know it came that way.
I have a friend whose uncle was on it.  He got tired of taking it and
quit before he should have and his tumor came back.
  I surely hope and pray it works for you.  Some time along the way you
should get checked to see what is happening.
I would like to find one of those nutritionlist or herbologists (
forgive the spelling) around  Toledo Ohio or Fort Wayne Ind.  I think
you and I both need a good one!  Be well. Loves Charlotte

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