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Re: [MOL] Carol

Hi Lillian !  I never left ... just hanging in there, you know ?  We are 
still playing the waiting game.  Let's see, I have seen the primary care doc, 
have seen the neurologist who put me back on meds, and the neurosurgeon 
twice. Don't really like him much ... he talks to the other docs & the nurse 
& really doesn't seem much interested in me, just as another case.  I realize 
he is a surgeon & I'm not looking for a best friend, but I want one that 
hasn't had his heart removed.  Now I am heading to a neurological 
opthamalogist (sp?) on 8/2 ... I'm sure it will be a blast.  And am waiting 
for the referral from the insurance company to go to the specialist who does 
the stereotactic radio surgery at OHSU.  The surgeon seems to think that is 
they gamma these little menengiomas now, they will grow back the next time 
possibly malignant.  I don't like that idea.  So we are compiling info & 
waiting.  And I'm such an impatient patient !!!  LOL

Now you know as much as me !  Hope you are doing well.

Have a great week !

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