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To do any good for cancer, he would take 12 capsules twice a day.  It is too 
much to swallow.  The powder is mixed with water.  If he's too far gone it 
probably won't work.  But the telephone no. for Dr. Shamsuddan is 410 
706-4874.  You might want to talk to him about it.  One of my children takes 
2 capsules a day and says she hasn't had a sinus infection since.  It is 
suppose to help the immune system and bring out the natural killer cells.

Hope this helps.  He has researched this for 15 yrs and has the results in 
his book, but only on lab animals.  He has been trying to get it into 
clinical trials but hasn't succeeded yet.  One person on my colon cancer list 
had been using it and feels that it helped with her CPT-11 side effects.  She 
had good results and very few side effects.  I asked my onc to read about it 
(brought him an article out of a magazinel)  and he refused saying if he read 
all the things patients bro't him, he'd never get thru.  I'm sure he's right 
but another onc took one of the patients off chemo to see if the results were 
coming from the IP-6.  I

Good luck,

Pat Hall

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