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Re: [MOL] Fatigue

I'm not sure if this will help anyone of you, but I started taking this, 
well, we call it bug juice.  It is called Prime One.  It is a liquid that you 
can mix with juice, or you can be hard core like myself, take a big breathe & 
down it !  I started it a year ago, when I was diagnosed with Hep B.  My 
neurologist suggested it, and he had been taking it himself.  I trust this dr 
like no other .... and I trust none of them !  So we gave it a try & it is 
awesome.  It is like it tries to put your body back to original form?  I have 
herpes, which I was suffering from outbreaks at least once a month.  When the 
kids came home with colds from school I would be the first to catch one.  I 
know this sounds hoky, but it is true !  I started this stuff in June last 
year ... I have not had an outbreak, nor a cold since last June !!!  True.  
It is not "speedy", I don't even drink coffee.  But gave me tons of energy 
... I loved it !  Now it is just my maintainence !  My dr put me back on 
seizure meds & I don't have nearly the downs that I did before.  And as a 
bonus ... my cholesterol levels went from the 300's to 185..... ya hoo !!!  
It is all natural, and it didn't upset my stomache and gave me absolutely no 
side effects.  I know it sounds too good to be true, but if anyone is 
interested please let me know.  I don't think it is a wonder drug for any and 
all, but I know it has helped me .... & a friend of mine that has hep C .... 
she is doing much better, and another friend of mine who has borderline 
diabetes who has gotten off a couple of her meds !

Good day to all !
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