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Dear Chithra:  What a very pretty name.  Welcome to our forum.  I have included a site for you to help you really understand brain tumors and  in perticular astrocytoma of the brain.  I am unable to give you a prognosis;as we are not in the medical field.  I will tell you that no one is able to predict the length of time your husband has to live, except our Maker.  It is important for all of us with cancer to make sure we have all our final plans in order, keep them in a safe place and then not to look back on them.  Instead to move forward, to hope, to love and enjoy all the blessings we do have.  Fear is very real and can destroy us all.  It is important to take charge and shake the demon of fear away.  If we may be of further help to you please just ask.  Warmly, your friend, lillian
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