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Hello, Madleine:  My name is Kathy.  I live in Boise, Idaho.  In December of 
1997, I was diagnosed with limited stage small cell lung cancer.  I was 
admitted into a clinical trial out of the University of Colorado and used as 
a sort of guinea pig for various forms of chemotherapy.  Some of them had 
severe side effects, and some didn't.  It depends on the drug, I think.  The 
fact that your father isn't suffering side effects isn't necessarily a bad 
thing at all.  Some patients do, and some don't.  I did, but some rounds of 
chemo were worse than others.  Your father's hair will probably fall out, 
though, particularly if he is being given Taxol or Taxotere.  It'll grow 
back, though.  If he does experience side effects, let me know.  I have some 
helpful hints for coping with it.  By the way, sometimes I didn't experience 
any side effects until four or five days into the treatment.  Don't worry too 
much.  Everyone is different.

Your friend -- Kathy in Boise
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